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Our children are our sole really inalienable responsibility. Parents essentially have duties to which indisputable rights of children correspond: maintenance, education, moral support, respect for their abilities, natural inclinations and aspirations.

Specific thematic areas

Drawings by Fabrizio Sclavi
  • Child custody and placement
  • Defense and protection of Minors
  • Donation to Minors
  • Inheritance of a Minor beneficiary
  • Spouse’s pension
  • Expatriation of Minors
  • Parental responsibility
  • Protection of Minors with grandparents and uncles
  • Administration of the property of Minors
  • Managing Minors assets
  • Protection of Minors orphan
  • Change of last name
  • Addition of maternal surname
  • Minors protection image
  • Recognition (of parentage)
  • Disclaimer
  • International child abduction